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Think offers a unique service to ambitious Jersey businesses. Our clients recognise that great ideas are at the heart of great business and we help them to “debug the code” and install fresh ideas that make a difference.


Better thinking in business is not just about having access to new ideas.

Our clients work with us to change they way they see the world, and the business decisions that are before them. And that makes all the difference.


If you don't want to change the way things are working out then there is no need to change your thinking.
Our clients know that they don't just need to change what their business is doing - they need to change the thinking that got them to where they are as well.


We are very conscious of the need for strong and prudent risk management in your business' actions.
But in your thinking, we strongly advocate for a bold and exciting approach to innovation. True leadership arises when you combine adventurous thinking with prudent action.


Working on your business’ quality of thinking is different from working with a Consultancy. We are not here to bring our own ideas and install them into your business. We don’t typically do projects that just make an organisational or technological change, and leave you to get on with making sense of it.

Working with ideas is more subtle than that, and the changes which result are often far more profound and far reaching.

We are happy to work alongside your own business leaders and your chosen external experts to make change really work, by changing how your people think, not just changing what you tell them to do.

Our approach to pricing is honest and straightforward. You choose which of our service lines you would like to engage and we will give you a simple quote. We never charge additional fees, extras, expenses or any other hidden surprises.

Thinking Allowed

Thinking Allowed

Our work with individual leaders in your organisation

We know that clarity of expression and clarity of thought go hand in hand. So we work with leaders to articulate their ideas with clarity and purpose.
Working on how you present your ideas to a group can be transformational for your success as a leader.

Thinking Together

Thinking Together

Our event-based one-off work with teams, boards, conferences and off-sites

Strategy Days and Off-Sites so often fail to deliver. We have been to our fair share of “damp squib meetings”. It doesn’t have to be like that. With wise preparation and skilful facilitation we can turn your Away-Day into a landmark event that shapes your thinking for the next phase of growth.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

our work with boards of ambitious businesses over the medium to long term

Many businesses have a dedicated Finance Director, Marketing Director, Technology Director or HR Director. But haven’t found a business in Jersey yet with a Ideation Director, or Chief Ideas Officer. Your Board could have a virtual ID, to help shape your thinking over the medium term.

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